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Who doesn’t like gadgets? Well typically it’s a young man demographic but that was back then. Now everybody’s into their gadgets whether it’s for personal use, for the home, for work, or for the car – we all love them.

Hi, and welcome to our new blog dedicated to gadgets. Not gadgets for one specific area but across all domains. We love them and like to explore what’s out there, what’s new and what coming soon. We can’t wait to try them and we let you know what we’ve found, what we like and what we don’t like. You’ll get it all from this from our site.

We don’t just review gadgets. Our experience and expertise allows us to suggest brand new designs and concepts, not yet thought of. So budding inventors should stay turned.

So what makes a good gadget? Well the design is key but we know that aesthetics is at best subjective at worst a fashion accessory. Ergonomics, clearly every gadget has to be used by a human being and this is a very important consideration – is it usable by human beings?. But we like the word “intuitive” can you use it without referring to the instruction manual? And nothing betters this than the original ipod, the one with the circular dial.

2nd Generation ipod

2nd Generation ipod

The iPod

The original ipod only had to be shown to you once and you got it. A truly iconic design that worked so well, it launched Apple into the behemoth it is today.

If the original ipod represented the “recent” past, what of the future? Well, in our opinion, it’s robots. We’re not talking about wannabe humanoid robots. We’re talking robots that do some drudgery task so that you don’t have to. Imagine a home where the laundry is dealt with automatically, right down to the ironing and putting everything away. Where the washing up is done and the dishes actually get put away and don’t live permanently in the dishwasher. We can see this is really starting to happen with the vacuum cleaner. The robot vac is coming of age.

How about transport. Take a look at this fun video of transport gadgets

If you like our stuff, stay tuned and come back again and see what we’ve found.

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