Wireless Charging on an iPhone

Broken iPhone

iphone leaning against a treeI broke my iPhone. I didn’t mean to. Most people drop a cell phone and crack the screen but I broke the charging unit, the bit that the Apple charging cable goes into. It began to feel loose and then it stopped charging.

I kept fiddling with it and sometimes it would flicker but that wasn’t the solution. So I had to get it repaired at an Apple center. The cost was so high, I contemplated buying a knew model. But I’ve got plans, this phone would be passed down to my daughter when it’s time for me to upgrade. So I bit the bullet and got the phone fixed.

When I got the iPhone back, it occurred to me that the worst part of the design is the charger. We’re all constantly putting the charing cable into and out of the little connector every day. In my case several times a day. All this must take its toll on the poor little connector. And I suppose if you’re a bit rough, as I am, that makes things worse.

The Solution Is Wireless Charging

I was determined to find a solution. Which is when I came across this web site A wireless charger for our iphone They had the solution, which is both simple and quite cheap. A “wireless charger”.

It really is quite clever and easy to attach. When set up you just place your phone on a charging pad. That’s it. The phone will start charging, by an electrical process called induction.

Induction Charging

iphone chargingYou don’t need to know what induction is to use it. All you need to know is that when you fit this simple device to your phone, it charges whenever you put it down on its pad.

Simple, clever and you don’t have to open your phone up or anything like that, so your warranty remains intact. Perfect, I’m sure Apple will introduce this, sometime, on their future models because it’s so slick. iphones of the future

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The Humble Suitecase

Looking for a New Suitcase?

So you’re considering a new suitcase for you next vacation. Have you considered a 3 piece luggage set. No? Well you should.3 old suitcases

They make perfect sense and they’re designed to look identical, they’re just different sizes. And just like Russian dolls, they fit neatly inside one and other for storage between trips, when not in use.

There are lots of designs, some look quite cool, some are a little wacky. But there’s a style to fit all tastes. And while this might not seem so important at first it becomes really useful when reaching your destination and trying to identify your cases from the hundreds of cases going around the luggage carousels.

A case, if it’s to be useful need to be robust, that means good design. With focus on areas such as zips and casters. These take a lot of punishment over time and on cheap models, they’re the first things to go. Which means the added expense of replacements.

3 piece Luggage SetThe Three Piece

Three piece cases sets, while slightly novel, will still be expected to take the rough and tumble of the more traditional case or rucksack. So when buying pay careful attention to things like zips and casters. It will pay you back ten fold if you invest carefully up front. You can find some good examples here. Consider a three piece Luggage set

Ultimately your suitcase is designed to carry your personal belongings and that’s going to be the case’s primary function. You want to ensure that your suitcases provides the maximum space that you need. Let’s face it we all want to over pack, a habit that’s very hard to break. Which is why three is better than one.

You can never have too much space when packing for a vacation or a trip away from home. That’s why a three piece luggage set makes so much sense. Luckily there are plenty of designs and options to choose from.

See these great packing tips.   This video shows you how to pack

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

retro vacuum cleanerMy First Robot Vacuum Cleaner

About twenty years ago, as a newly married couple we visited a big home furnishings show here in London, in the UK. It was called the Ideal Home Show. It takes place ever year at a massive site, right in the middle of London. It’s still held there every year and has become a regular event.

We were there twenty years ago, looking for inspiration and bits and pieces for our newly purchased house. That’s when I spotted a robot vac.

They were state of the art, futuristic and being young and a bit geeky, I had to have one. I could see the potential right away and had high expectations. But, alas, things didn’t quite turn out the way I’d planned.

That old model, a Phillips machine, it kept getting stuck, had very low battery life but worst of all – it couldn’t vacuum. It’s suction was okay to begin with but as its battery ran low so did it’s cleaning capability.

I really wanted it to work and I tried to help by de-cluttering as best I could but it made no difference. Ultimately it went to vacuum cleaner heaven.

Robot vacuum cleaners have really come of age

Fast forward twenty years, children have come and gone (all at university) and it’s just me and my wife now. My wife still works but I’m partially retired.

On a visit to a recent visit to a department store, I saw something that immediately caught my eye. A sales rep was demonstrating the latest robot vacuum cleaner, a 2017 model. And mighty impressive it was too. Things have moved on a lot in twenty years and my initial hunch that these were a great idea have proved to be right.

I was tempted to buy on the spot, but I wanted to do more research for myself, I’m like that. I found a great site here toprobotvacuumcleaner.com that gave me plenty of useful information and I bought through them.

vacuum cleaner headThe Verdict

When my wife returned from work and saw what I’d bought, she thought I was insane, she still remembered the last one I’d bought all those years ago and the hours of frustration it had given me.

Well not anymore, these robot vacuum cleaners have come of age. They run for enough time to clean upstairs. They make a mental map of where they’ve been and can get back to their charging stations once the batteries are rn down. But better than all that, they can really clean.

Although I’m partially retired, I don’t want spend my time doing chores. I might have to get another one for downstairs, then I just need to vacuum the stairs once a week. But I’ll have to wait a bit, maybe I’ll write a letter to Santa.

Robot Vac Basics

Do You Need One

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You’ve got a dSLR, now you need a tripod

Camera mounted on a tripodWhat a Tripod can do for You

A good tripod will help your photography, period. Obviously, tripods give you a secure platform for your dSLR camera or video camera. But it does so much more than that, a tripod puts you in control and ultimately gives you better results.

Today’s modern dSLR cameras have immense ISO ranges. Which allows you to take your camera where a tripod isn’t practical and still get great shots. Rock concerts with an array of complex light effects, are now easier to cope with using the latest cameras.

But there’s a trade off with using fast iso settings. High ISO affects the grain of the image, giving a more speckled look. Okay if your image is to be small and put up on an internet site. But not so good if the image is to go into print or you want to print it as a large photograph for display purposes.

Cable Release and Tethering

A tripod along with a remote release gives you the most stable platform for taking photos. The remote release means you don’t have to be next to the camera to operate it. This is great where you want to arrange some objects and keep shooting. Tether a tablet to the camera and you see instantly what you’ve taken and can rearrange objects and lighting and get feedback straightaway.

There are lots of ways to use a tripod and this site is a good place to learn how to make the best use of one How to use a tripod

Girl on a beach using a tripodWhere to shop for a Camera Tripod

There are lots of tripods on the market but be careful, not all tripods are created equal. Sometimes it’s better to get a second hand quality tripod than a cheap flimsy one. And something worth noting is that people that buy a tripod are serious about their photography and tend to look after their equipment. So the second hand market is worth exploring. Check out this site for a good source of used tripods bestsellingcameratripod.com .

However if you’d prefer a new tripod model, try this site used gear

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Well Hello

Well Hello



Who doesn’t like gadgets? Well typically it’s a young man demographic but that was back then. Now everybody’s into their gadgets whether it’s for personal use, for the home, for work, or for the car – we all love them.

Hi, and welcome to our new blog dedicated to gadgets. Not gadgets for one specific area but across all domains. We love them and like to explore what’s out there, what’s new and what coming soon. We can’t wait to try them and we let you know what we’ve found, what we like and what we don’t like. You’ll get it all from this from our site.

We don’t just review gadgets. Our experience and expertise allows us to suggest brand new designs and concepts, not yet thought of. So budding inventors should stay turned.

So what makes a good gadget? Well the design is key but we know that aesthetics is at best subjective at worst a fashion accessory. Ergonomics, clearly every gadget has to be used by a human being and this is a very important consideration – is it usable by human beings?. But we like the word “intuitive” can you use it without referring to the instruction manual? And nothing betters this than the original ipod, the one with the circular dial.

2nd Generation ipod

2nd Generation ipod

The iPod

The original ipod only had to be shown to you once and you got it. A truly iconic design that worked so well, it launched Apple into the behemoth it is today.

If the original ipod represented the “recent” past, what of the future? Well, in our opinion, it’s robots. We’re not talking about wannabe humanoid robots. We’re talking robots that do some drudgery task so that you don’t have to. Imagine a home where the laundry is dealt with automatically, right down to the ironing and putting everything away. Where the washing up is done and the dishes actually get put away and don’t live permanently in the dishwasher. We can see this is really starting to happen with the vacuum cleaner. The robot vac is coming of age.

How about transport. Take a look at this fun video of transport gadgets

If you like our stuff, stay tuned and come back again and see what we’ve found.

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